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The Unite College Preparation Program aims to increase college access, achievement, and degree attainment among rural high school students. The two-year program prepares high school juniors and seniors to transition into higher education through professional development workshops, ACT preparation courses, and college transition coaching. 


College preparation and transition programs for high school students play a crucial role in equipping students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to succeed in higher education. These programs help bridge the gap between high school and college, reducing potential challenges and improving overall success rates for students. As a part of the program, students will visit over 20 Historically Black Colleges and Universities to learn more about the college experience and campus life while exploring the legacy of HBCUs in higher education and minoritized communities. 


Unite’s college preparation program provides a tailored curriculum that helps students build a sense of community and provide networking opportunities among students, parents, and local educators. We emphasize the importance of making higher education more attractive to students with limited exposure to college graduates, various career fields, and out-of-state institutions. The Unite team comprises mentors and college success coaches equipped to provide individual support for each student before, during, and after the college application. Collectively, the team has over 50 years of educational experience. We have found that providing academic support is just as crucial as providing emotional support to assist students in coping with challenges that may arise during the transition to college. Once students complete the program, Unite staff and mentors are still available to support them during their college years.



  • Team Building 

  • SMART Goals-Weekly, monthly, yearly, life goals 

  • Time management/prioritizing

  • Financial Literacy (Budgeting)

  • Scholarship Search


  • Team Building 

  • Your Legacy (Purpose, Vision, Drive)

  • Self-portrait (Who do you want to be?)

  • What’s Your Budget?

  • Financial Literacy (Credit)

  • Scholarship Search


  • Team Building 

  • Knowing the Right Fit (School selection process)

  • Scholarship Search

  • Financial Literacy (Auto Financing)

  • HBCU College Tour Apps I


  • Team Building 

  • What’s Your Brand? (Dare to be Different)

  • Financial Literacy (Banking Investing)

  • School Search-Scholarship Search

  • HBCU College Tour Apps II


  • Team Building 

  • Fighting Against the Odds (Racism in America)

  • Politics 101

  • Scholarship Search

  • HBCU College Tour Apps III


  • Team Building 

  • Business Etiquette 

  • Mock interview

  • Resumes


  • Team Building 

  • Living a Healthy Life

  • Fight Da Good Fight (peer pressure, bullying)

  • HBCU College Tour Prep


  • Team Building 

  • The Big Jump (Transitions)




  • Community Service


  • Community Service

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